About Two-Ring Visuals


Hello I’m Joe and I run Saturnine Creative, a multi-media design agency in the heart of the rural North, situated in my hometown of Colne, Lancashire.

TwoRing Visuals is my dedicated wedding videography & photography portfolio and a separate platform I’ve dedicated especially to wedding clients. I’m often found at the Saturnine HQ, crafting anything from social media videos and company logos, to bespoke designs and games apps, but love to escape my desk for the day and sport a fancy bowtie & suit at wedding venues to capture people’s special day!

I have a host of Wedding Professionals I collaborate with frequently, so work together with them to provide both Photography and Videography when both are booked, as well as offering a digital streaming service for couples who wish to marry whilst Government regulations are impacting their guest-list size.

If you’ve been on the hunt for someone to cover your wedding, you may have noticed that most other ceremony photographers don’t have day jobs as creative executives, so let me talk you through a couple of things that set me apart from other wedding professionals.

Firstly, the wedding package is worked around you;
I show up for you and your partner getting prepped for the day and start the camera rolling from then on until your evening celebrations – no time limits.

If you’re necking Prosecco at 8am with your breakfast, you can be sure your significant other is gonna see the evidence eventually! I travel to see the Bride as well as the Groom in the morning to capture how it begins for you both.

I’ve tailored the packages to be respectful and sensible – some photographers charge you for their time, then sneakily slide you another invoice for the editing, album or rights to the images. I don’t agree with that – you’re commissioning me to record your wedding memories and they’re yours to keep. Forever.

I provide web and print quality copies of your photos, so if you’re a savvy couple who wish to make your own wedding album, as well as being able to post your shots all over social media, then you can do this easily.

Albums are falling out of fashion but most other photographers who provide them charge high prices for the privilege – I’ll send you a link to the sites they use, so you can save yourself some money and arrange the photos just how you like!

As for payments plans, meet-ups, engagement shoots and all the rest of the matrimonial lingo, I like to keep it simple; A small deposit is required upon signing the contract for your date that protects everyone, and the rest is due anytime before your wedding day – no payment plans or late fees from us, providing it’s paid in full before your big day.

I also love to meet couples to discuss details and sip cups of tea, so would love to sit down with you to discuss plans or talk through important details – just drop me a message or booking inquiry on the Contact page!

I also love destination weddings, engagement shoots, pre and post-wedding shoots and all the other extracurricular camera-related things you can think of, so if you want your magical moments captured forever in beautiful photography and video; come and say hello.

If there’s anything I can help with, any questions you may have or for more information, please message, email, call or drop by the office. I’d love to hear from you.

See you down the aisle,